Who Are The Sunshine Kids?

The Sunshine Kids have been removed from environments where they have experienced abuse, neglect, or abandonment and are placed in the homes of Sunshine by the Department of Child Safety until a more permanent and healthy solution can be found for them. In spite of all they have endured, these remarkable children grow, learn, and thrive while receiving care and compassion from their Sunshine family.

Currently there are 300 children living in the homes of Sunshine, where they receive services to heal and grow to realize their potential in life. Since 1996 Sunshine has been home to over 25,000 children needing emergency out of home placement. The team at Sunshine Residential Homes is committed to going above and beyond expectations to heal the hearts and lives of children.

Our goal is to help instill self-esteem and provide assurance to these children by showing them that they are loved and valued.