We strive to make holidays and special days memorable for the children. Some favorite celebrations include:


Every child’s birthday is celebrated at Sunshine! Each birthday celebration includes cake and ice cream, candles, streamers, and gifts.

Presidents’ Day and Veterans’ Day

We celebrate together with all of the children at a community park, with a barbecue, games, a DJ, dance contests, and presentations.

International Cultural Festival

During Spring Break, every year, the children work together to celebrate our ethnic diversity. Kids in each house research and learn about a country or culture and does a presentation of the culture with a skit, speech, or dance, and costumes. They get to enjoy food from all around the world in a buffet that has over 21 dishes.

Halloween at Castles & Coasters

Sunshine kids get to have Halloween fun in a safe environment. The children have fun dressing in costume, receive special candy bags and enjoy unlimited rides at Arizona’s premier amusement park.

Thanksgiving at Sunshine

Children in each of our houses enjoy a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Christmas at Sunshine

Our holiday season is full of fun activities and parties for the children. Sunshine’s annual Christmas party is a joyful celebration with all of the case workers and Santa Claus. Each home is decorated for the holidays and the children all receive special gifts.