Our children’s education is of paramount importance.
At Sunshine our children have learned the mantra,
“Success in School is the Key to Success in Life.”

We are committed to supporting each child
in their quest to succeed to the best of their ability.
We assist our children with the following:

  • Immediate enrollment in an appropriate school upon placement.
  • Staff advocates with school administration to set up IEP’s and tutoring if needed.
  • Staff maintains communication with teachers and administrators to monitor child’s progress, makes adjustments as needed, and attends parent-teacher conferences.
  • After school study time is observed in each house, for at least 1 hour per day.
  • Staff keeps caseworkers updated with child’s progress in school via direct communication and monthly reports.
  • Tutors are engaged through outside agencies.
  • Sunshine’s Graduation Luncheon is held each May to honor students graduating from 8th and 12th grades, or from a GED program. To celebrate this milestone of success in their lives, a banquet is held which includes speeches, gifts, awards, and photographs.
  • Five endowments of $500 each, for post-high school education, are awarded each May.
  • A Back to School event is held at the beginning of the school year with motivational guest speakers, entertainment, and new school supplies for every child.

Sunshine’s All 4 Success Academic Incentive Program
recognizes students’ achievements monthly.
Each student’s progress in school is monitored
through grade reports and feedback from teachers.

When any student achieves, in a one-month interval, all four of the following criteria, they are rewarded with a banquet and awards. These awards dinners are held monthly during the school year.

  • All grades are “C’ or better.
  • No incomplete assignments or homework.
  • Study time is used effectively.
  • Behavior at school and home is appropriate.