Pre-Employment Checklist


Prior to submitting your application for a position with Sunshine Residential Homes you must complete the Pre-Employment Checklist form as presented below.  Once you have completed this form entirely then click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom.  We will review your submittal upon receipt and will contact you following our review regarding the next step.

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 1. What Position are you applying for? *

 2. Are you at least 21 years of age? *

 3. Do you have a valid Arizona Driver's License? *
     We cannot accept a state ID. You must have a Driver's License.

 4. Do you have at least 1 Year or Verifiable work experience with children? *
     If Yes, please provide: Company Name: For how long?

 5. Do you have a vehicle? *

 6. Do you have car insurance? *

 7. Do you have a GED/Diploma/College Degree? *
     If Yes, please provide: Name of Institution: Type of Degree?

 8. Have you previously been employed with Sunshine?*
     If Yes, please list Dates:

 9. We are a smoke free company and do not permit 1st hand or 2nd hand smoke at our facilities. Are you a smoker? *

10. Have you ever had a Misdemeanor, Felony or DUI? *
     If Yes, please list Date of Conviction:

11. Do you have a fingerprint clearance card? *